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essay #2

Assalamualaikum J

Start your essay with “ I saw a light suddenly appear......”

                I saw a light suddenly appeared right in front of us and crashed into our backyard. My sister, Brianna just smiled and said, “Hurry up! That’s your call....” then I realised I was still viewing the glittering skies through the window sill. I rushed downstairs and shouted, “Mom, Adam’s here! I’m gonna be back late. He comes only once  a year!”. Mom was already waiting for me at the bottom of the staircase. Almost tripping, I grinned and kissed her goodbye. Enthusiastic more than ever, I tweaked the wooden doorknob. There! Standing right in front of me, a figure I had been waiting for what seemed like forever. ‘He’s getting taller’, I thought. And I smiled.

                I still remembered the first time I met Adam. I was staring at the azure sky, barely able to see because tears were covering my sight. I just got dumped by a total jerk! He brought me to the beach, told me that we were through and left me crying pathetically. I should have known we would ended up this way, he was never a good boyfriend. Who am I kidding? He is the richest guy in town and I am just a typical girl next door. It was lucky enough he asked me out. I was about to drown myself when suddenly I saw a dot in the sky getting bigger. It was a UFO! I blinked my eyes twice  and pinched myself hard. Ouch! I was not dreaming!

                Before I could do anything, I watched in astonishment as the object crashed before my very eyes. My heart was pounding, adrenaline running fast. But my curiosity was beyond my fear. Reluctantly, I neared the spaceship. Out of the blue, a grey door opened and  a creature leapt out of the badly damaged flying object.

                “ Ah, hello there earthling! Can I be your friend?”

                My jaw dropped. Wait! ‘Aren’t aliens supposed to be green in colour with an antena on their head and a take-me-to-your-leader punchline? This is just to weird’ I thought. He was just like an ordinary human being!

                “ My name’s Adam. What’s yours? And why do you look so miserable?”

                The talkative alien spoke again. I told him my name and said that a boy just broke my fragile heart. He symphatised with me and told me he had a brilliant idea. First, he told me to buy a dozen of egg and a roll of toilet paper. So I took him to the grocery store and we shopped for half an hour. He even bought an ice-cream because he said he never tasted the ‘cold colourful yummy-looking thing’ before. Then I brought him home.

                Mom was surprised when I brought an outsider to our resident. I told her everything and begged so that she allowed Adam to leave after two days. Finally, she compromised. In my room, I served him nachos. To my surprise, he used his small device to enlarge our nachos. It was fun, to eat that scrumptious enormous food between just the two of us. We giggled and had tonnes of fun in my room that evening.    

                Later that night, he woke me up at 2 o’clock in the morning and ordered me to follow him. He brought me to his spaceship which he had already fixed. I got in and he started the engine. At first, it felt like the earth was shaking and then our journey was smooth. When we were floating above my house, he asked me about my ex-boyfriend’s house. I pointed out to the yellow mansion. He drove us exactly to the asphalt in front of my ex-boyfriend’s porch and handed me the egg we had bought earlier. We were going to egg the house! I had never done such thing in my entire life! Adam told me not to be afraid so I did not. My first shot landed on the front door. I stood bolt upright as I feared I had woke someone up. But there was only the wind whistling, not a single sound from inside the house. Adam and I kept on egging the house until all twelve eggs had safely launched its revenge. Adam then asked me to get on the spaceship.

                He took us right above the house and gave me the toilet roll we had. We spread the toilet roll all over my ex-boyfriend’s house while singing “ It’s alright, it’s okay” by Ashley Tisdale. After finishing the last touch, we stared in disbelievement at the mischiveous masterpiece we had created. It was the best vendetta ever! Exhausted, we headed back to my home at 3.30 a.m. after Adam parked his spaceship in my backyard. But with all the exciting feeling I felt tingling inside, I could not sleep. So I asked Adam all about him and his planet.

                He told me that his real name was Prince Adam Clavica, the only son in his family. Born as blue blood, he had no fun during his childhood as he had to follow all the protocol. Recently, he overheard his father talking to the minister about marrying him to a pretty alien girl.  

                “ No way I’m getting married, I’m just twenty-one!” and he laughed. He laughed so hard, he could wake the entire neighbourhood. He continued his story after catching his breath. He said that when all the guards had fallen asleep, he secretly sneaked out of his castle with his soldier’s spaceship. Without a precise destination, he drove through the galaxy until he ran out of gas and crashed in front of me. I must have been really tired because that was all my head could digest because I woke up that morning feeling dizzy.

                But Adam was already gone! I searched high and low but there were no sign of him. At last, I found a note stuck to the fridge. He said that he had to rush home because his mother had fallen ill. But the good news was the wedding was cancelled. There was a note at the bottom of the sheet, saying he would come back someday.

                I did not expect much but to my surprise, he did keep his promise. Every year during summer, he would visit me just like he is now and we would have a great time together. No one at school knew about my secret of having an alien friend except for Betsy. Sometimes, Betsy joined us when she was not going to summer camp. No doubt Adam is my best, weird, friend ever!

This is an essay that I wrote for my final exam in Form Four. Hee.
Quite immature, yes. But it’s a typical essay an Ain Nawwar would wrote. Heh.
What do you expect? I’m a ten years old stuck in a Teslian-to-be body#grin#
Tapi, agak tak logik.
Kau jumpa stranger then kau terus bawak balik rumah?
Haihh. Ni la sebabnya jenayah berleluasa sekarang.
Mudah sangat percaya outsider. ;)
And duh, Adam tu putera raja kot.
Takkan la takde guards waktu malam?
If so, senang la negara musuh nak serang, nak kidnap raja tu ke.

Be logical be logical.

Happy reading and have a nice day! J

Happy Reading And Have A Nice Day ^^

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