Friday, 30 November 2012

essay #1

            Write a story with the following beginning "i heard a strange noise downstairs. Waking up my brother,  we walked stealthily......."

            I heard a strange noise downstairs. Waking up my brother, we walked stealthily towards the noise. My brother was also frightened that he took along a broom in case we needed it. Passing through my parents' room, we realised that they were still sound asleep. Weren't they bothered by the weird sound?

            To my surprise, the ceiling on top of our living room was affected badly. There was a spherical object on my father's favourite couch. We were curious as much as we were frightened. Adrenaline running fast, and our hearts pumping. My brother then poked the weird object. Boom! a small explosion occured as we saw the object transformed into a small animal-like creature. CJ7! I blinked my eyes twice. My sight were not damaged, so a cj7 in my house was real?!

            I always liked the alien so much. I even watched the movie several times without being bored.
I approached it to give a warm welcoming hug. Out of the sudden, the cute cj7 turned into an enormous lion-like thing."Mother! This is surely not my cj7!" I thought.

             Obviously, the alien was unfriendly and it seemed like he was not pleased by my presence. It was about to attack me when my brother suddenly knocked him out with the broom he had earlier. My heart was broken. How could a cute animal turned into such ferocious beast? With tears on my cheek, I rushed to my parents' room to wake them up. At first, they did not believe me but after they heard my brother's screaming, they rushed to the living room. "Oh no! My couch!" shouted my father angrily. He made a bee line towards the cj7 but before he could reach him, the cj7 attacked my father with a ray from his eyes. Father!

            I rushed to my father and checked his breathing. He did not respond. After few seconds, i realised that he was gone. As i turned to my mother and brother, I saw that they were too, attacked by the monster. I knew by that time that my time would come.

             I was about to get beaten by the horrible creature when i heard a soft voice calling my name. "Arif, wake up. Are you having a nightmare?". It was my mother. Oh Mother! I hugged her tightly. Then i realised that there was no weird creature in my house. After the incident, I vowed not to watch cj7 again.    

Hi! :)
i know it's not an excellent essay but just to give you idea on how to spice up your essays.

recreating a story.
give it a new, unexpected ending.
be imaginative.
and strictly NO PLAGIARISM please.

happy reading and have a nice day :)

Happy Reading And Have A Nice Day ^^

Getting Started

peek a boo!
Hi :)

this is Paih and no, he's not my boyfriend

see that picture?
yeah, he's letting his friends to sign his school uniform because duh, 
#lompat katak keliling rumah#

wanna know what i wrote there?

Madam Ain..hrmm
aku tak tahu sejak bila tapi aku sangat berminat dengan subjek English
like, seriously. 
and boleh je kan nak jadi Teacher Ain je tapi aku rasa madam tu gempak lagi kot#role eyes

oh byyyyyyy the way, my real purpose of being an English teacher is to help you,you,you 
and, my future generations ehem to master English subject.
my dream is too suci oh God please make it come true
tau sebab apa English is important?
well aku bukan nak perkecikkan bahasa melayu woi tapi 
sendiri pikir lah kan


situation 1:
                Ahmad seorang businessman berjaya walaupon espiyemm gagal and tak layak masuk U.
ala2 Bill Gates la dia nih.
business dia ni berkait dengan produk buatan Malaysia ye.
and produk buatan Malaysia kan laris macam pisang goreng panas 
so one fine day, an investor from obersea i repeat OBERSEA berminat dengan business dia tu
but you know what happen?
ghupe ghupenye Ahmad tu tak gheti speaking London youuuuuu.
so there goes his chance and Ahmad pon menyesal
sesal dahulu pendapatan sesal kemudian tiada guna ppui

situation 2:
Minah seorang gadis pujaan ramai, lebih hot dari Megan Fox.
sudah ramai pinangan yang ditolak Minah kerana yang ditunggunya hanya satu
jengjejejejeng jeng jeng
Putera Michael anak ketua kampung kacukan omputih 
Putera Michael baru je menamatkan pengajian di of course,uh,luar negara dan kini
sedang memburu seseorang untuk dijadikan bini.
well, nak kata apa lagi, memang dia berkenan lah dengan Minah tu.
oh lupa, Putera Michael ni tak reti cakap melayu
dengan keazaman yang tinggi dan doa orang2 kampung dia melamar Minah

Putera Michael : Minah,i want to ask your hand in marriage. would you be my wife?
Minah : huh?no no. my hand is, no can.ape kes nak tangan orang pulok. gila.

adegan tarik menarik dan tolak menolak berlanjutan sampai kedua-duanya penat.
akhirnya Putera Michael mengalah dan menganggap Minah dah ada pilihan lain.
Minah pulak kecewa sebab Putera Michael cuma nakkan tangan dia, bukan dia.

see?! misunderstanding je pun, dah terlepas peluang nak kawen dengan omputih.
tu baru pinangan, dah kalau ada granpa takde cucu tiba2 nak wasiatkan harta dia berbillion
billion kat kau then kau tolak?
rugi beb rugi
musnah peluang Minah nak jadi Kate Malaysia

situatin 3 : 
yang ni paling simple.
kau tengah syok layan cite omputih ni
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake kat Cartoon Network
tapi satu patah yang dia sebut pun kau tak paham 
dah la takde subtitle
tak fun lah kan?
#role eyes lagi#

so there you go.
reasons why you need to learn English
to be honest, aku tak tau lagi hala tuju blog ni or mampukah aku tolong korang, tolong aku 
capai dream aku nak educate people dalam subjek English .
but that's how life works kan?
thrilling, yup.

happy reading and have a nice day :)

Happy Reading And Have A Nice Day ^^