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essay #3

Assalamualaikum J

Write an essay about the meaning of beauty

                I stared at the sky, feeling empty. For these past two days, no azure sky could be seen, only dark, gloomy colour with its matching cloud as if they too, had felt the same way that we did. Today, standing on a graveyard, I could not stop my tears from running down my cheek. I kept wondering whether I was dreaming but my instinct told me the opposite. I had never thought that one day I would be losing Adam. I had never thought that I would be at his funeral.

                I remembered the first time I met him. It was June the third, and I was crying like a little girl at teh corridor. It was my first day at a new school and everything seemed harsh for a spoilt girl like me. Born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I had never been to a school, let alone  an ordinary one! I had tutors from across the country teaching me at my family’s mansion before. Can you imagine, I was bullied on the very fisrt moment I stepped in the school compound? Already missing home, I tried to call Papa and Mama but there was no answer from both of them. So I continued weeping until “snap!”. Someone was taking a picture of me, crying! It was Adam.

                He sat right next to me and started asking why I was crying. I told him everything and he said five words which I still remember until now, “Don’t worry. I’m right here”. For a minute, I felt so secure with him. Later on he showed me the picture he had just took and I scolded him because I thought it was ugly. Confidently he said, “No, it’s not. It’s beautiful.” And then he smiled. He told me that everything in this world is beautiful once you open your mind to things around you. And since then we became bosom friends. He accepted me for who I was the same went for me. 

                Born and raised in a wealthy family, I had never been taught to appreciate little things that made life beautiful. As for me, the meaning of beauty stands for Versace dresses, Louis Vuitton handbag and places which cost a lot of money to go there. I had always thought that beauty had to come with a price until one day Adam snapped at me. It was prom night and I was wearing a designer’s dress with an expensive handmade corsage. Feeling flawless, I joined the other pretty girls and started our kiss and tell. We judged other girls’ cheap dresses and if they were unlucky, some of the mean girls will make fun of them. Out of the blue, Adam came to me and said, “The girl you had just made fun of is an orphan. She had to work after school just to get some money for that dress. Unlike you, she didn’t have much but she’s way better than you and your snobbish friend. And oh by the way, I like her dress more than yours..”. Then he left with an angry face.

                I was stunned. How could he tell me such thing? I was just having fun. But as I sat on the bleachers outside the gymnasium, I realised something. I realised that all this time Adam was trying to show me what beauty is all about. He tried to open my eyes and mind. That was the reason why he had lost his temper, because I still underestimated other people without knowing their circumstances. I still have not learnt what beauty is. After half an hour of silence, I went to look for Adam. He was at the garden, taking pictures of flowers at night. I recalled he once told me that “ You can find beauty even in the darkest condition”. That was his passion. Beauty and photography. He always wanted to show the world the beauty that he saw so he thought taking pictures of them is the best way.
                I walked closer and poked his shoulder. He startled  a bit and continued what he was doing after seeing me. I giggled at first but realising he was still angry, I apologised. And it was awkward because I had always been the type that was not easy to seek for forgiveness. He knew about this and I sensed that he was surprised by my words of apology. Then he turned around and smiled.

                “ I forgive you,” he said. “ But promise me not to look down at others again.”

                I agreed and smiled back. That was when I noticed I had changed. I had changed to a better me.

                One day he showed me a picture of a Myanmar girl, smiling in the rain. I told him that it was beautiful. He told me that it had not rained for almost one year when the picture was taken. The people of the Myanmar village had to drink and take water from untrusted sources. And he told me that in the picture, it was the first rain after one year. He also told me that the girl’s brother had died the day before the picture was taken due to infection. Suddenly I no longer saw rain drop and smile, I only saw tears and sorrow on the girl’s face. Adam told me, that was beauty in another way.

                Growing up with Adam, I realised he saw beauty in everything and most importantly, he had taught me the meaning of beauty.  

Ahh. This is for my TOV, 2012. And I kinda like wait no, LOVE this essay
sebab hee macam matured je kan?
And ingat lagi bumped into Madam Azimah at anjung multaqa pastu she said
“ I almost cry reading your essay...”
(Which mean essay aku tu bagussssss owyeahh)
Pastu aku pon jawab la, no it was awful takde letak lots of idiom whatsoever
(Sungguh masa ni low level of confident lagi)
That was actually what I thought about a good essay.
Turns out I was WRONG! =.=’
Madam cakap a good essay tak depends on idioms and expression semata,
Tapi depends on the plot, the storyline, the mood of the essay.
So yeah, since then I pretty much gain confident bits by bits,
That maybe I am a good writer after all bwahhaha perasannnn
Rome was not built in one day, right?
Kena terus usaha!

You see how much your words mean to another person even bila kau rasa apa yang kau cakap tu biasa2 je?
So think before you talk.

 Happy reading and have  a nice day J

Happy Reading And Have A Nice Day ^^

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