Monday, 24 December 2012

Essay #4

Assalamualaikum J

Write a story starting with “ I was shocked to hear that.........”

                I was shocked to hear that Tiggy was dead for almost six months.

“ Hello? Are you still there?...” Ignoring the zookeeper’s voice, I ran out of my room, banging the door with anger.

“ Mom!”, I shouted. “ Mom, where are you?!” I screamed at the top of my lung, feeling the blood rushing through my vein. I was boiling with fury.

“ Yes, sweetheart?”, Mom’s sweet voice could no longer ease me.

“ Why didn’t you tell me that Tiggy was already dead? Why Mom?!”

I saw her face grew ashen. Mom paused for a second, conducting sentences in her brain, trying hard not to raise my anger. Then she explained that I was facing my examination when Tiggy died of infection. ‘ What?! Oh come on! Exams were never an excuse!’ I thought.

I escaped her embrace, stomping my way to my favourite fake tree house. Tiggy was no longer alive. She was just a tiger, but she meant a lot to me. When I needed a shoulder to cry on, she pat my back with her paws, knowing that she could not offer me her shoulder. When I injured myself, she sniffed my wound with her wet nose and licked it with her pink tongue, hoping to give an antiseptic effect. After 8 years of friendship, why did she has to go? I had other friends. Friend that did not have the slightest meaning of what friendship were about. But why Tiggy?

As I was questioning the fate of life, Mom came. Without a word, she hugged me. Without a word, she burst into tears. After five minutes of sobbing, her voice spoke out.

 “Baby, please don’t cry. I loved Tiggy as much as you do. I raised her! And I know I had to be strong for you, but I can’t. I’m sorry. I need you to know that I missed Tiggy as much as you do. I’m sorry, Ashley.”

I was stunned. Mom never cried in front of me. I saw her crying once in the kitchen when Dad passed away, but she denied it. Just something got into her eyes, she said. Heh. Typical. But now, I saw her weak side. Mom too, could no longer bear the pain of losing, again, alone.

We started our kiss and tell. Mom never told me anything about Dad but now, she was trying to let it all out. Mom said that Dad was working on land and that land was a very frightening world to live in. My brain started imagining what it would be like, living on The Cursed World. I had never set foot on the land. I was born underwater, in a utopian city mankind had built after the Earth’s crisis. Global warming and wars had turned the earth into a battle field. She continued that Dad was working for the army, and got killed when a bomb by the enemy exploded. I listened carefully as Mom recalled her moment of pain.
Holding back her tears, she continued telling me stories. When  she heard that Dad was no longer alive, she fainted. I was still in her womb at that time, waiting another month to see the world. When I was born, she named me Ashley Gir, after the Gir Forest National Park where Dad spent his last moment. A year later, she  adopted Tiggy. Working as a veterinar, it was not hard for her. The procedure was easy as the Safari no longer exist and the animals needed shelters. Mom lived her life as a single mother, trying to raise us two and giving the best she could for Tiggy and my growing years. Yet, she regretted nothing. She knew Dad loved tigers and were happy with her decision.

I grew up with Tiggy. We were like real sisters except for the fact that she was a tiger and I am a human being. But that did not stop us from always being with each others. Of course there were mean whispers, saying that I was a weird girl. ‘Animals are pets, not friends’, they said. But they did not have an idea of what being friends with Tiggy felt like. Tiggy was better than those sassy girls in school. In fact, she was a good listener, although she did not have the ability to give advice. Even Mom agreed with me.

After our long talk, we looked at each other and smiled. Tiggy was no longer here in this house but deep inside, we believed that she was still looking at us. Mom told me that after an animal died, she would be our guardian. Now, Tiggy would be MY guardian. Having the thought of that, I felt safe. I knew that all the places in the underwater world would be a haven, with Tiggy’s spirit protecting me. I love you, Tiggy. We all do.

p/s : Tiggy, if you were reading this from above, I was not crying. I was sweating, through my eyes.

essay about an unusual relationship with an animal.
well, this is for my midyear exam but I had the idea since a month before that, i guess?
listen, umm
 just go beyond your wildest imagination when writing okay?
kot =.='

Happy reading and have a nice night?

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