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essay #5

Assalamualaikum :)

write an essay about cleanliness.

“Chirp Chirp. Grandpa, are we there yet?”
            Grandpa Finch nodded his beak while landing his feet on a branch of an angsana tree. Blu frowned. This new place is just too….unusual. No tall buildings, no big, LED advertisement board (of which one of his friend died, hitting it) and just few cars passing by. Strange. It felt like being stranded on a deserted island. Where were the other birds?

“Throw that wrinkle away. This is your new home now, little ones. Get used to it. Oh and don’t worry, you will meet your new friends soon.”

 “But Grandpa, why did Mom and Dad ask me to live with you? I’m growing up, yeah, but I still need their attention, you know. What it is with all this changes?!” protested Blu.

“Your friend died of pollution, Blu. The city is no longer a safe place for you. Unless you want your epitaph to be ‘the bird who died eating rubbish’, then by all means, go back to that ‘heaven’ of yours. Kids nowadays....” Grandpa Finch released a deep sigh.

                 Touche. Blu knew well about life in the city. He was just three years old but long enough to witness the hustle and bustle of the busy place. Blu remembered the first time he went out, with Dad. ‘Taking some fresh, outside air’, he said. ‘Live your wonderful life of a bird’, he said. Bah. The air was FILTHY and the drain, oh the drain was overflowed with food wrappers, plastic cups and even toxic from irresponsible industrial buildings. Frolicking? Yeah, he remembered frolicking, just before he was about to be hit by a drunken lorry driver. Not just that, he coughed badly after his ‘meet’ with the grey, thick smoke from the exhaust of a petroleum truck. An hour from home and he was already traumatized. It took him three years to carry on with the hectic life. Three years before he fully adjusted himself to the city.

                As they were flying to get to Grandpa’s house; a large nest on a mango tree, Blu asked about how the people here manage to keep a healthy environment.

“Oh. It was their attitude actually. These people in the rural area, well, let’s just say to stay clean is their priority. They have factories just like in the city, but the wastes are properly disposed. And they have what they called ‘dustbin’, and were NOT afraid to use it. Unlike those urban people. Another thing is they like to organize ‘gotong-royong’ in their residential area. Very hygienic. One time, I was lingering in the school compound and guess what? They even taught the WATCH OUT!!!”

‘Slap! A twig hit me. Ouch. Welcoming much, huh?’

  “I should kept my gaze forward. Uh-huh. And you were saying?”

                Grandpa Finch shook his head and continued.

“Oh right. The teachers here taught the preschoolers to care for their hygiene. They were still toddlers! Not actually, but you get my point. It’s good to see that the community care so much about their cleanliness. That’s why you, young lad, should stay here. It’s good for your growth. Okay, to cheer you up, this evening I will take you for a breathtaking trip to the beach. You know, Terengganu is famous for its beautiful clean sandy beaches.”
                Sounds like a deal to Blu. He always loved the beaches, especially the ones with crystal clear water. Whenever he felt down or when he got the blues, beaches were his remedies. The beach, somehow, was his ecstasy. Sigh. ‘Will my grandchildren have this opportunity to experience clean beaches tomorrow?’ Blu thought.

“Deal. Oh wow! We’re here. Grandma! Grandma, I’m back!” Blu shouted at the top of his lung.

“Come on in.” chanted Grandma Finch. “Lunch is already served. Phew. It’s been a long time since you last ate my cooking, ay? But I’m sorry sweetheart. I could not find any fat, juicy worms. The soil here was so contaminated, it’s killing them from inside.”

   “I’m a big boy now, Grandma. I can look for my own food now, no worries. But, is it really that bad? Not the village too! Aww.” Mourned Blu.

“ As peaceful as it might seemed, don’t be deceived by the nature, Blu. Human being were irresponsible these days. They despised pollutions, yet they were still the number one culprit. Numero uno, I tell ya. Then what? Blame Mother Nature? Ha. Ha.”

                Whoa. Grandma was good in being sarcastic. They ate their lunch, the table was full with laughter and talks about hygiene was still heard. That evening, as promised, Blu went to the beach with Grandpa Finch. Grandma did not join them for she had to go to the town after reading an obituary of her friend in the E.V Mail-newspaper for birds. Her friend, Grandma Bulbul died due to high fever. She was overheated. Change of climate caused by humans affected the ecosystem, putting the life of each and every people at risk. R.I.P Grandma Bulbul. As Grandma Finch bade goodbye, Grandpa Finch face changed and he murmured….,

“Grandma never said goodbye. She hated it. The words were always ‘seen you soon’, never ‘goodbye’.” Concerned.

                Nevertheless, Grandpa pushed the bad feeling aside and continued their plan to the picture perfect beach. Peace. Serenity. It never occurred in their mind that what awaited for them is far beyond their wildest imagination.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Finch. We did our best to save her. Unfortunately, her lung was badly damaged. She was killed by the heartless smoke from open burning and then as she felt, she landed into a basin full with foam, used by the kids to play. Too much sodium laureth sulphate. We are terribly sorry.”

“It’s all human! It’s their fault, they killed my wife. They will pay for this!”

Grandpa’s voice changed from high note to low then to high again.  He was overwhelmed by rage. Being the state leader of the bird community, he summoned all his army. War is about to begin. Vendetta. They have waited for this moment to come. For ages, the humans were responsible for the death of their friend, their families, their loved ones. Baby birds were left with no parents, having to become orphans at such early age. Husband lost his wife, wife losing her husband were nothing unusual. Grandpa decided that they had enough. They have to stand tall. No more will they become victims. No more will they lose hope. It is time to fight back. It is time to stand for their right, to defense their habitat from further destruction. Doomsday? No, this is far worst. Strategies were planned. Intellectuals from across the state called a meeting. It is ON.

Eyes on fire
And the burn from all the tears
I’ve been crying
I’ve been dying over you
Tie a knot in a rope
Trying to hope
But there’s nothing to grab to
So I’ll let go

I think I finally had enough
I think I maybe think too much
I think this might be in for us
So blow me one last kiss

I would do what I please
And anything that I want
I would breathe
I would worry it all
You would pay for your sins
You’ll be sorry my dear

Those two last lines of Blow Me One Last Kiss by Pink were the reason why they choose this song as the ‘theme song of riot’. You would pay for your sins. You will be sorry.

* * * * * * * * * *
Done. Grandpa Finch was the most satisfied bird. The states were now conquered by the bird clan. Blood on the asphalt, dead bodies lying on the ground and pebbles everywhere. Yes, pebbles. The human crucial phase was to deal with the downpour of pebbles from thousands of birds. Blu was not excluded. As the grandson of the mastermind, he was trusted to lead an army of bulbul to attack East Terengganu. He could still vividly recall the glorious moment, the shouts and screams of homo sapiens. It was no fun, having to kill innocent lives but somebody must pay. Blu remembered his Mom once said, “an eye for an eye makes the world go blind”. Sorry Mom, the world was already blind.

* * * * * * * * * *

“Hey big guy, are you still on Earth?” Grandpa Finch patted Blu’s back.

“Ha! Ha! I was just………thinking. Grandpa?”


“Were you not sad? What would you do next? Sit down and watch as the humans kept killing us little by little and destroying the Earth? We need to seek revenge, Grandpa.” Blu’s thought spoke for itself.

“Blu. A chapter’s ending, but the story’s only just begun. It’s a new beginning for us. Besides, revenge? Us, birds? With what, our droppings? Ha! Ha!” grandpa laughed hard.

“Well, I was thinking pebbles.” Blu shrugged.

                There is a price for every improvement. Our life was getting better, but the Earth is getting sicker. Human had been destroying Earth with all these technologies. Now take a minute and think, what if the nature really did seek revenge upon us? 

this is an essay I wrote for a competition about cleanliness.
Negeri Bersih Rakyat Sihat kot nama dia.
it's lack of information about hygiene =.= i know
but most of the time people will write "boring" essays when it comes to this sort of comp.
I, decided not to.
and my junior/friend/awesome debate member, Alin wrote an essay about alien.
cool kan?
there are sooooooo many ways to make your essay less boring.
so, get a piece of paper, a pen and start writing!

Happy reading and have a nice day ! :)

Happy Reading And Have A Nice Day ^^

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