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essay #6

Assalamualaikum :)

Trial SPM 2012 Melaka English paper

Epilogue of an Awesome Chapter of Life
By : Jasmine Haiza Khalid Lee

“ A chapter’s ending
But the stories only just begun
A page is turning for everyone

So I’m moving on, letting go
I’m holding on ‘til tomorrow
I always got the memories
While I’m finding out who I’m gonna be
We might be apart but I hope you’ll always know
You’ll be with me
Wherever I go”

                People say music is the language of the soul, so I assumed the “Wherever I go-Miley Cyrus” really did speak my heart out. I would be leaving this school soon, but the memories would forever be a part of me. For five years, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Lembah Bidong had been my loyal companion, witnessing the life, the laughters and tears of a Jasmine Haiza. Being a student in a boarding school, I spent most of my growing years in the pink concrete buildings. Forget the books, I even learnt new experiences, experiences I would never get outside of this school. Apart from that, by observing other students, I learnt about people behaviour. You would not get any of that in books, right?

                Most important, I was fortuned to meet great teachers in my five years of schooling. Cikgu Mat Alwi, Mrs. Mounier, Madam Azimah and puan Kaseh just to name a few. My favourite? Well, since I have  a great interest in the English Language, I love the teachers just as well. Mrs. Mounier and Madam Azimah did a great job in giving me the picture of being an English teacher-my ambition. Yes, I owed all my teachers big time but my special gratitude surely won by these two iron lady. Beside the lesson I had mentioned earlier, I also learnt about friendship. Cik Jay, Qyla and McYe had been, and still are my true friends, my bedmates, my partners in crime since we were in Form One. Five years and still standing. I love you, friends.

                Yet, everything had its ups and down, so did my life in secondary school. I probably should not spill but just so you know, I had had a bad time with my teachers. I was not glad about it but I had no one else to blame. I often left my homework to pile up unfinished, lazy me. At one point, I busied myself with debate, the march team, the ever famous Spell-It-Right competition, anything, EVERYTHING which made me missed my classes. Lets just say the teachers were not so fond of my absence. No regrets, though. Our marching team fought our way to national and placed fourth when I was in Form Two. In Form Four I joined the speech choir team and although we did not win, we got the best script award. What matter most was the joy we had. Not to boast, but I also won the Embassy of the United States Celebrating Diversity Essay Contest national level so I guess all these achievements can be considered as my contribution to the school. As for the best moment, I think the the winner goes to being-on-the-roof moment. It was something i had NEVER in my life thought I would do and I felt so big and it was one of the ‘I’m-on-top-of-the-world!’ moment. That was the magic of being a teenager, indeed.

                Well, I had spilled too much already so I better stop here. What I hope is that this school continues to shine among the others. I saw great potentials in my juniors and and I will always pray for the school’s glory, to be known worldwide as one of the greatest school in this country.

Dearest teachers, friends and juniors,

                Do pray for me and my friends in pursuing our dreams. You guys will always stay in my heart. Till next time, have a good day.


Continuous Writing : End your story with “.........goodbye forever.”
Hi. My name is V. My real name? Melissa Ann. But that was in the past and I prefer being regarded as V now. Why V? I have been asked a lot and many a time I just shrugged. I just, did not see it as a necessity-for them to know the reason why. In this new place however, they thought it was my real name, as if ‘Vee’ in Veronica or else and yeah, I liked it better that way. But why V? Sometimes, when I laid my head down on the grass while gazing at the stars, I asked myself, why V? I am turning forty next weekend and I figured that being just capital V was not quite suitable for a woman my age. It made me think and often, I was drifted away back to twenty-four years ago, when I first met Master Chen. Suddenly I saw him twenty-four years younger, fighting the bad boys of the alley where I laid my cardboard bed.

“ Are you okay? What’s your name?”

 “ I don’t have a name.” Monotonous. Fierce eyes refusing to leave his.

“ Sure you have a name. What were you doing here and, where’s your mom?”

“ I don’t have a mom! Hey, you seem like a guy who knows how to fight. Can you teach me         how to kill? I must not let them get away. The man who shot down my dad, my stepfather, my mom, the jerks at school. They must pay. THEY did this to me. I, I don’t know what I did wrong. I HATE THEM! Arrghh!!!” 

“ Hey, easy there. I’ll call my assistant. For the time being, lets just call you V, okay?”

Noticing my puzzled face, he explained that V stands for vendetta, for the anger I had in me, for the hatred my eyes displayed. Before long, I was already seated on the cushion  of his black Hummel, as the engine worked its way through the traffic to Master Chen’s academy. A SPY academy. The ten acre land streches from the suburb, untouched by the costly price of urbanisation. Fenced by the nature, no human eyes could detect this camouflaging structure. Master Chen indeed, know how to deceive human’s bare eyes. It is after all, a secret institution. As I took my first step onto the ground, my body betrayed me and showed insecurity when all I need to show was bravery. In the car, I had decided that if I wanted to be one of Master Chen’s trainee, I had to be a tough one, the strongest of all. But I failed myself. Why should not I? Clank. Clank. Clank. Went the sound of the swords, intensity of aura filled the open air. People were battling, or should I say practising and I watched as dummies fell onto the ground, either halved or sliced into parts. The atmosphere was torturing, and I went straight hugging Master Chen, feeling the presence of a father.

I felt his hand caressing my golden hair as he murmured some shh-shh. He was not so a father. His guard was up, his body was still stiff of my hug. Watching a lot of superhero movies back when I still had a home, I concluded that like other superheroes, Master Chen did not have a family. He led me into the hall, where I felt my eyes burned and I burst into tears. Inside, my wall broke and my eyes  watered as I told the unperfect stories of mine.

First I told him and Tara, his assistant the story of me being kidnapped. How my father paid the best service he could get to save me. How he was willing to pay his last dime on my ransom. But as the perpetrators realised that policemen were involved, they went outrageous and shot a blind bullet which went straight to my father’s forehead. Being just seven years old, I could only scream in terror as the criminals fled. Not long after Father’s death, Mother got married with Alan, a psychologist. For me, he was a psychopath himself, a beast! When Mother was sent outstation, he took control of the house and fed his animalistic desire on me. When I told Mother about this, she accused me of making up that story, unable to accept Alan as my new Papa. Blindfolded by his overwhelming love, Mother disowned me as her one and only daughter. I was not surprised when she kicked me out of the house for I could see her eyes bleeding love for Alan, more love than she ever showed me.

When Master Chen found me, I was already living my lonesome life for a week, trying hard to survive in the place where happily ever after did not exist. Then I believed, happily ever after maybe was not real, and I would not get my fairytale ending. But one thing for sure, kindness was still lingering around those who longed for it.

Tara then showed me around, huddling me in her amiable arm after the major breakdown. Master Chen followed behind and I saw that his students really respected him. During the trip, I met a cute boy at the first glance. The boy, introduced as Mark, was assigned to be my mentor for the first two months. I did not know if it was me, or the tinge of malice I felt from his glare was real. 

As my head flashed back those memories, my mind also wandered to the time Mark patiently trained me, teaching all the coolest moves and and techniques, moulding me to become an all-star spy. He showed me no mercy. The early wake-up-calls, the non-stop hours in front of the punching bag, the tech-gadgets lesson, the code-of-the-spy classes. But that torturing really did pay off. I became Master Chen’s favourite, catching envious eyes as I walked pass the corridor. Mark, on the other hand, became my best friend. It was not long before we realised that we needed each other more than just by being best friends. It was against the spy code, to be in love with your colleague. But it was a feeling we could not resist, and so we continued our forbidden love. When we could no longer bear the feeling, we arranged a rendezvous at a hill not far from the academy, but hidden enough not to be caught by the other spies. Mark was so sweet and I dreamt of marrying him as our finger intertwined. The world was ours, until one day when Mark gone MIA. Missing. In. Action.

I cried myself to sleep every night. I missed my place in his protecting arms. I missed the excitement I felt inside when his lips touched mine. I missed the butterflies in my stomach that kept fluttering as soon as I  saw him. But he was gone, with no trace that left me off track in my search for him. I was ruining from inside, having to bear the pain all to myself. And it was not the end of my sorrow. I was sent to Moscow for a mission in mid-January, 2011. After spending four days there, I got a late call from Tara. Master Chen was shot. I took the first flight back home. When I arrived at the airport, Tara hugged me tightly, knowing how close I was with Master Chen. I could only let pearls of tear making a stream down my cheek as I saw Master Chen’s pallid body lying on the hospital bed. The doctors could do nothing to save him. I had lost my guru, my father. It was then I swore to myself that I would seek revenge. I knew if he was alive, Master Chen would not approve this. It was because of him that I stop hoping to kill my stepfather and those people. “ An eye for an eye makes the world go blind”, he said. But not this time. I would not live in peace before I catch the killer. And so my search began.

It was not an easy task. It almost seemed like I was sent to a wild goose chase. I was about to give up when I found a clue. A big one. A diary. Not an ordinary one, it belonged to one of Master Chen’s students. A diary with “What’s so special about her? Master Chen is so unfair. If he doesn’t love me, I’ll make sure HE WON’T LOVE ANYBODY ELSE. Bye, Master “ in red letters. So that was it? That was the killing all about? Jealousy? I felt a sudden anger. I knew this person, the killer. And to think that he killed Master Chen out of jealousy was ridiculous. We were so close, the killer and I. Why did he do such a stupid thing? So I tracked him. The hunt costed me three months of time, and lots of energy too. But I succeed. He looked shocked when I purposely bumped myself into him in a cafe an hour from the academy. I bet he did not expect to see me there, huh? I did not wait for long. The opportunity was right in front of me. I told him that I needed a private conversation and asked him to follow me into a park. When the coast was clear, I pulled the trigger.


Gloomy cloud formed above my head. Then came the rain as I bade farewell to the body lying on the ground.

Goodbye, killer of Master Chen.
Goodbye, my friend.
Goodbye, my trainer.
Goodbye, Mark.
Goodbye, the love of my life.

Goodbye forever.
i love this. really.
first, because Jasmine Haiza is a reflection of the real me.
no lies.
second, because Vee is actually what I always wanted to be.
a spy, a secret agent.
a person whose life motto is to create a better world
a person who's dedicated her whole life to guns and actions and things like that
now how cool is that, right?
but of course cut out that killer part :|

Happy reading and have a nice day! :)

Happy Reading And Have A Nice Day ^^


Fatini Adlina said...

you wrote this? absolutely amazing~ :D
it's very descriptive whereas I'm terrible at it

I don't have a wide range of vocabulary so most of my stories/essays are rather plain and rely solely on grammar >.<


AinNawwar said...

hee thanks. :)but i'm not THAT good lah. cuma sebab minat sangat hihi. tapi kan, judging by your comment tu, nawa rasa macam Fatini okay je english. Fatini form berapa dah?

Fatini Adlina said...

18 y/o, tengah tunggu result spm >.< hhaha

memang la 'okay' tapi takde la hebat macam nawa
saya ni cukup-cukup makan je...hahah

Fatini Adlina said...

dah review blog~ :D

AinNawwar said...

eh sama la dear! gila hoi 9 hri je lg!!!! *gulp.
kembang kot Fatini puji. haha. tapi byk lg nk kna improve ni :)

Fatini Adlina said...

jangan kembang sangat, nanti tak muat duk dalam rumah...hahahah >.<
debar sangat, dah la ada kemungkinan hari ambik result tu, hari saya test driving JPJ....lagi bertambah sakit jantung...hahaha

AinNawwar said...

ohh.good luck lah! :)